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Ever since she was a child, Hatty has always been captivated with beauty. Whether she was helping the people around her feel beautiful or even beautifying her environment, she has always loved how beauty can make a person feel. How it inspires confidence in people, how beautiful spaces can create a feeling of calmness & wellbeing.

Taking this passion and fascination combined with her undeniable skills as a beauty therapist, she has created Hatty Jane Beauty and Skin Clinic. With an impressive list of qualifications, Hatty’s expertise and sharp eye for detail has gained her a well earned reputation amongst leading names in the beauty industry.

Located within Elegance Boutique, Mary Street, Scunthorpe. Specialising in results driven, scientifically-backed facials, Hatty is passionate about all aspects of beauty. Committed to expanding her skills and offering luxury, advanced treatments. From the condition of your nails to your skin, she provides treatments which are industry recognized as well as having the ability to tailor treatments to your individual needs. 
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